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I am John Headstrong, SiteGeek at

I am John Headstrong, SiteGeek at Anarchist

This site is just an experiment of posting stuff to social media via my own WordPress blog.

In the past, people joined facebook because it was EVERYTHING all in one place. Before rather than have photos at flickr, bookmarks at, my own system QCMS was the blog/bookmarker that generated an RSS feed, separate IRC/XMPP client, feeds from my forum etc.

When I joined facebook/FriendFeed most users knew they were “generating content”, these days, not so much.

My life changed in 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit, which was one of the first chances to stop climate change on a global scale. I left my first job as a printer to ‘save the world’! I found the Rainbow tribe and did my best to change the world by sitting in trees, running squats as community centres and setting up cyber cafes made from recycled computers that companies had thrown out. I campaigned against the Criminal Justice Bill which included using my skill as a printer using an old print press machine that was rescued from a scrap yard. Eventually, I decided to see a bit of the rest of the country and moved to Bristol, then Scotland (mainly for a large garden). I spent a couple of years as a community learning assistant for the local college. When my wife went back to work, I decided to become freelance so I could spend more time with my kids.

John Headstrong My stuff on my server

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