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campaign update 2
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With just 2 days left to vote I have what I consider a respectable 33 votes.
with the short amount of time and comparing others in the area I am quite happy with the results so far.

One very important thing has come my way and is an example of why I want to be a MEP this site here explains

It means that the Internet will be packaged up and your ability to access and to put up content could be severely restricted. It will create boxes of Internet accessibility, which don’t fit with the way we use it today. This is because internet is now permitting exchanges between persons which cannot be controlled or “facilitated” by any middlemen (the state or a corporation) and this possibility improves the citizen’s life but force the industry to lose power and control. that’s why they are pushing governments to act those changes.

So I am about to tell my current MEPs to vote against thi, Internet access is not conditional it is a right and is needed for the future of democracy.

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John Headstrong My stuff on my server

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