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First they came…( a voice from Tottenham)
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First they came for the travellers, and I didn’t speak up ‘cos they is pikie and stuff.

Then they came for the climate camp, and I didn’t speak up ‘cos they is smelly and into all that green shit dat they go on wiv.

They came for the students and didn’t say nuffing, shit man, day are marching and shit, thousands of then, the government are gona have to listen, but fuck it, I can’t afford to be a student.

They came for the squatters and homeless and I kept stum, well, I have a house and stuff, and that is a shame man ‘cos deem squatters do ace parties!

Then they came for the anti-war protesters, I didn’t speak up ‘cos, like,  I got a mate dat was in army and all that, but he only got the one leg now and shit, I didn’t wanta like disrespect him.

Then I looked around and realised, fuck Dis shit, I am well in their list, we are next bro!


(there are so many more verses, this work is unfinished)

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