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The party’s over its time to call it day
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This poem arrived from the juryteam candidates mail list. it says so much, so well

The party’s over its time to call it day
Oh can I claim for balloons or maybe the tunes my cleaner might play
My moat is clear now, I’ve flipped my house
The porns not mine dear it was my spouse
The party’s over cos two brains light bulbs went dim
It will be horribly missed the John Lewis list
And the puppy must slim
Oh what a caper, some rotten hack,
We’re in the paper and getting flack
Maybe its time now to pay some back

The party’s over yes time to call it a day
A solider loses a limb, a pittance for him is all they will pay
Pensioners’ rise is 25p
Home repossessions Child poverty
The party’s over two million plus on the dole
But lets not worry ’bout them those women and men but lets find the mole
Why did we do it? We had no need
The people see it as simply greed
Oh yes its over indeed

The party’s over and our poor country is broke
And none of them will confess that they all made this mess
More pay – what a joke
As for the children why can’t they see
A massive debt is their legacy
The party’s over no votes for red or for blues
The commons now is so hushed
And sorrows are drowned in subsidised booze
Keep your contrition surely the end
No rules were broken you made them bend
So its over, really over my friend.

CM The Queen of Doggerel

wriiten by Celia McClure, Juryteam Candidate

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