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What is not political ?
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After sending a group message to all the members of the repeal the CJA and all laws that affect free festival,raves and living free I got this rather odd message

Steve ****** >
John – I dont know you, you are not on my friends list. Please do not send me any more information about anything political and this includes dates/times of marches etc. I have not sent you anything that makes assumptions about your political persuasions or interests…please afford me the same respect.

While the message was polite, I can’t help but think that the bloke is bit of a arse.

For a start no one forced him to join the group, getting a law repealed by definition is a political act. Everything we do, don’t do, can’t do, is political. Partying is a political act, if it was not then why have the government made so many laws trying to stop it?

Did I make assumptions his political persuasions and interests? well,yes, I did. I assumed that he knew what groups he had joined, I assumed that he liked to party. I assumed that he cared about living free, I assumed that he knew that there is a alternative to partying in places other then government approved spaces. I assumed that he was interested in restoring civil liberties. I assumed that he was interested in repealing unnecessary laws. I assumed that he knew that living in this world means you have to make political decisions.

So Steve (I would have messaged you back, but you have banned me from messaging you) seriously think about your life, global financial collapse, environmental overload, restrictions on gatherings (I could go on and on) while you can put your headphones on, listen to loud acid house tunes and pretend that none of this is happening you could “get political” and see if you can change things, you never know, you might even find it fun.

You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything.

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