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but who made the rules ?
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With these MPs and their expensive expenses claims, they all seen to be saying that they “were within the rules” but these are the people that made the rules, so why are people acting surprised that they have gold plated their lives? These claims have been deemed “not unusual” or “out of order” by Labour MP Sir Stuart Bell, well of course they are not to him, but they are bang out of order and very unusual to everyday people. I have worked in many places but never had a job where I could claim for getting my house cleaned, feeding the cat or indeed worked in a place with a 24 hour unlicensed bar.
These people have been using taxpayers money for decades to live a unsustainable lifestyle based on over consumption, image and a Victorian sense of superiority.

So I ask the older generation of voters and normal people, why have you let this happen ? it has been happening for years and yes we are about to stop it, it is all about to change, but why the wait ?

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John Headstrong My stuff on my server

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