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My fist post in my campaign to be a a MEP.

Hopefully this is not my last but  juryteam have still not got back to me although I submitted my application on friday and I still have not heard from them and it has been over  72 hours now.

The last contact I had with juryteam was a phone call about a week ago when they was asking if I still wanted to apply. The person on the phone (from a withheld  number whos name I can not remember) was surprised by my accent not being Scottish, indeed my voice still has a London twang even after living in Scotland for over 10 years.  hopefully this has not effected my application.

or, has my surname scuppered my plans, my surname is O’Callaghan, note the apostrophe, when I first submitted my application I got

You have an error in your SQL syntax;
check the manual that corresponds to your
MySQL server version for the right syntax
to use near 'Callaghan',
signeddate = '17.04.2009' WHERE id = '10445'' at line 1

I am quite used to this, apostrophe’s are reserved characters in sql, it is a geek thing to addslashes() to get things into the database.

so I have e-mailed and twittered and getting nowhere, so much for open and transparent  guess that I don’t sound middle class enough  to be a MEP or that the database just dislikes me.

which is a shame, I have had alot of people express a interest in voting for me and I had even put out feelers for places that I could do talks at to get my views across.

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