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It is NOT us that broke it
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(this is taken and adapted from a forum post )

It is NOT the homeless, the cost of libraries, housing benefit, incapacity benefits, playgrounds, street lights etc etc that has made a huge hole in the countries finances. It was greed and mismanagement by the uber rich. Taking huge risks with the knowledge that if it goes wrong tax payers will pay up, and we have. and we have all said fuck all because we are all trying to keep the roof over our heads and food in our kids bellys.

come to think of it, the whole system is broken.

pensions don’t work, while they did work for the post war people, they are now failing. While people are losing there jobs others are raking in pensions that are half of your council tax bill, not exactly sustainable…il_taxpensions (while they say 18% at first, once he asks the right questions it is 50%)

while Dave Cameron claims that “We are all in this together” I know that it is a lie because he is a multi millionaire that married a multi millionaire, that works with and multi millionaires for multi millionaires and corporations. Seriously they don’t care about you, they care about the economy not people.

bah, other people say this better than me

the reason for the cuts ?

a solution ?

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