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the state of things
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Lets start with debt, the youth of today are in debt just by being born, quite a feat considering the decision making generation of today enjoyed so many benefits of the post war era, cheap food, cheap clothes, cheap oil and have spent it all on themselves. If a young person decides to go to college or university they get a student loan and more personal debt.

I left school in 1988, when the acid house music scene was just starting, this was a great time in many young peoples lives, dancing together with no violence taking place seems far fetched these days but it happened, the only violence I saw was from the police breaking up the parties, new laws were made to make parties illegal. The parties changed and became fewer and farther away, so we got a cheap car, these days with the new law that gives car companies £2000 for selling a new car has made old cars that young people would buy worth far more than many can afford.

So after a few years of parties has I progressed into my early 20’s I could see the environmental degradation happening around the world, and thought I should do whatever I can to stop it. When I found other people who felt the same way, we started to protest about forests being cut down for roads, many of you know what happened next, the government made new laws to make many types of protest illegal. Laws that are still being used and abused.

So we are in a situation where youth of today are hassled and harassed for wearing hoodies, not having jobs and binge drinking by MPs who all wear clothes from the 17th century, <a href=" viagra generique achat.html”>have second jobs and have a 24 hour bar subsidised by the public. Not to mention the £400 a month they get to spend on food, when I know whole families that have to feed and clothe themselves on less than that.

If that was not enough companies are now not taking on young people and youth unemployment rising fast, what exactly do the decision making generation expect people like me and younger to do?  When all we can see is them robbing my children’s future so that they can get rich and live a luxurious life, while normal hard working people suffer from ever rising prices for food, heating and petrol.

It makes you wonder why we all pretend that the government works for the people,  when it clearly works for the bankers, oil companies, Agribusiness and themselves.

So, lets have a really good look where we are, peak oil, some very serious food issues, major environmental issues. While things like this are being discussed else where on the net, there are not that many solutions, let alone agreements .

so, while I tend to my garden and look after my children, I will decide exactly how I want to live and how I can look after my kids in these times, and I wonder what part of my life that are going to make illegal next ?

6 Comments to “the state of things”

  1. Eccentric Emma says:

    They’ll probably start telling you what plants you are banned from growing next….

  2. ArarchyUK says:… Ha ! Yeah Me too….

    but I’m ready NOW what about you? Pussy!

    Shut-D-The-Fuck-UP until you are ready to take a proper role in the revolution. What have you actually done ?

    Armchair Anarchists !
    Comfy from where you iz sitting ?

    Middles…, Complaining about the way things are = guilt.
    STFU and enjoy the spoils.

    Sit back and watch it on TV you mug.

  3. admin says: Ha ! Yeah Me too....

    yes, I am sure you are

    but I'm ready NOW what about you?

    I have been ready for quite a while. I am ready for what is about to happen.

    What have you actually done ?

    I have done pretty much what I said I would do, I have helped many people get access and trained to use the internet, I have helped start local food coops and "networks" of food coops and helped supply locally grow food. I have learnt how to grow has much of my own food that I can and I am helping to setup allotments/ community gardens in my town

    Armchair Anarchists !
    Comfy from where you iz sitting ?

    no, its a recycled computer chair from a community project that was closed down, but yes, fairly comfy.

    Middles..., Complaining about the way things are = guilt.
    STFU and enjoy the spoils.

    Sit back and watch it on TV you mug.

    na, taking part on the net is much more fun

  4. Cunny Lingus says:

    ArarchyUK I Iz gonna find out where you live and kickz the fook out of your facez you caannnntttt!

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